Insanely fast blog engine
More traffic, more visibility


Faster is better

Stop losing visitors and clients because of bad performances: the average page loading speed for a blog page on mobile is 7 seconds!

We designed Fireblog for exceptional performances on any device from the ground up.

Have a better blog engine than your concurrents to gain more traffic and visibility.


Work with your favourite technologies

Fireblog is designed from the ground up to create insanely fast Jamstack / static blogs with Nuxt, Next, Gatsby, Eleventy etc.

But with our awesome GraphQL API, the only limit of what you can build is your imagination !

As simple as notebook

Forget about complex CMS interfaces. Your editors will love how simple and powerful Fireblog is.

Just copy-paste a link to add Tweets, Youtube videos, Instagram photos, Google forms, Sounds with Soundcloud, Code with Codesandbox etc. (actually, we support 2000 medias types!).

App screenshot

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